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Who we are

Where, Inclusion, Nurture, Growth, Soar
Wings, Mission
WINGS Preschool at First Christian Church: Our Mission is to provide a high-quality environment for all children in a safe, nurturing, inclusive, and Christ-centered setting that builds a foundation for life-long learning and a love for Jesus.
Wings, Vision
A high-quality learning environment that promotes a community where all children feel included, nurtured, loved, respected, and encouraged to develop to their fullest potential.
Our Commitment to foster a safe and engaging environment for children to learn and develop a positive self-image recognizing that each child is made in the Image of God. When children attend WINGS Preschool at First Christian Church, they will develop the knowledge that they are deeply loved, of immense worth and value, and that they are special and unique to God.
At WINGS Preschool we promote children’s growth by maintaining a safe environment that creates opportunity for children to develop in a positive manner. We do this through appropriate role modeling and natural play, promoting development, consistent with each child’s unique goals, developmental needs, and personal interests. With an emphasis on outdoor activities and nature education, we understand the importance of maintaining the highest level of quality, while prioritizing inclusion and the success of all children of all levels of ability.
Wings, Philosophy
Wings, Our Values

Health and Safety:

WINGS Preschool ensures a healthy and safe environment for all.


All children of all abilities are welcomed.

Subsidized Spaces:

Access for all children to high-quality child care and equitable kindergarten readiness.

High-Quality Learning Environment:

WINGS Preschool offers a positive, engaging, and well-equipped education, that promotes a continuum of Quality Improvement to support the Whole Child and Family.

Fiscal Responsibility:

WINGS Preschool ensures fiscal responsibility to the Children’s Resource & Referral Board of Directors, State of California, and this community, to manage the finances ethically and in a manner that will ensure long-term sustainability.

Quality Employer:

WINGS Preschool strives to provide a healthy, engaging, and safe work environment with a strong commitment to our team for long term retention, ongoing professional development, and workforce growth.

Community Partnerships:

Community partners play an integral role in our ability to serve the Whole Family and Child, through shared resources, goal setting, and strategic planning.

Where, Inclusion, Nurture, Growth, Soar
WINGS - Facility License # 426216410
Funded by the California Department of Social Services Child Care and Development Division and through local grants.
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