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TrustLine is an effective tool for parents to check the backgrounds of a caregivers, nannies, tutors and in-home counselors to determine if an applicant has criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California. TrustLine is the only background check authorized by state law to use three databases that the general public, including private investigators and private background check companies, cannot access. These databases include the fingerprint records from the California Department of Justice’s California Criminal History System; the Child Abuse Central Index of California; and fingerprint records of the FBI Criminal History System.
  • TrustLine checks for criminal convictions and substantiated child abuse reports.
  • Licensed Exempt Providers must be TrustLined in order to qualify for Alternative Payment or Food Reimbursement.
  • Parents can call TrustLine to ensure their caregiver has been cleared 1-800-822-8490, they will need the full name and DL number
  • There are NO FEES for License Exempt Providers caring for an APP & CalWORKS family except for the cost of fingerprinting
  • Four steps to complete TrustLine:
    • TrustLine Application
    • Live Scan
    • Submit Application and Criminal Record Statement
    • TrustLine processes the application
Visit the TrustLine Website
Funded by the California Department of Social Services Child Care and Development Division and through local grants.
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