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Through the high-quality Professional Development offered through CRR, the Family Child Care Providers will be able to apply understanding of children’s developmental needs and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum and strategies in their child care setting, while building a network of like-minded business owners to continue in support of one another. This Network of professional individuals provides opportunity for mentorships while developing and building their shared mission and values. Having this Network enables the Child Care Providers to experience connections and organic resources in an often isolating field. Research suggests that when a positive network is available for Family Child Care Providers, they will experience longevity and a greater satisfaction with their career. Family Child Care Network Impact Study (Herr Research Center for Children and Social Policy at Erikson Institute, 2009).

The Santa Barbara FCC Providers are eager to grow their businesses, advance professionally, network within the community, improve their quality and child care environments and become eligible for National Accreditation. Many of these Providers have not had the opportunity for higher education. Therefore, they are enthusiastic at the possibility of being trained by Quality Specialists in the Early Child Education field. This will open many more doors for their businesses, while providing the hundreds of children being served with quality care.

Quality Program

  • Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FCCERS)
    • The Scale consists of 33 items organized into 6 subscales
      • Space and Furnishing, Personal Care Routines, Language and Books, Activities, Interaction, Program Structure
    • The Quality Program focuses on 2 of the subscales: Space and Furnishing and Activities
  • Quality Specialist provide Professional Development and Coaching
  • Quality Specialists:
    • Perform a Pre-FCCERS to collect a baseline
    • Provide a stipend to purchase education materials to improve the quality of their environment
    • Perform a Post-FCCERS Assessment after the Professional Development, Coaching and Stipend to demonstrate increased quality
Funded by the California Department of Social Services Child Care and Development Division and through local grants.
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