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Maintaining your
Child Care License

Training Opportunities

Annual Training Calendar: There are many opportunities and resources to support a Child Care Provider’s ongoing professional development.

Children’s Resource & Referral conducts regular workshops/training as well as an Annual Child Development Conference, call today to receive an Annual Calendar!

Update Your Provider File Today!

Stay Connected

The Children’s Resource & Referral of Santa Barbara County is a valuable resource to help you grow your business. It’s very important that we update your file regularly, this way we can provide families with the most up to date information.

We need to have your most up to date contact information as well as information of your availability such as; phone number, address, e-mail, current vacancies, rates, hours and days of operation etc. Having this information also allows us to keep you informed of events and training as well as other information that could help you.

Please contact a Referral Specialist today and we will be happy to make any changes needed!

Health & Safety Requirements & Reimbursements

A licensed child care provider must have current CPR and First Aid Certification that is EMSA approved. For more information on CPR & First Aid classes please contact Children’s Resource & Referral.

Children’s Resource & Referral of Santa Barbara County can assist child care providers with the cost of obtaining and renewing CPR/Pediatric First Aid and the Health & Safety Certifications. Providers may apply for reimbursement; approval is contingent on funding availability.

To apply simply download the application from the link below, and mail it in with a copy of your receipt(s), a copy of the front and back of your card(s) verifying the class was conducted by an EMSA Certified Instructor.

Download the Health & Safety Reimbursement Application Form 

Marketing Your Business

In most instances, child care providers are small businesses. You need to market your business like any other small business in our community. Advertising through the yellow pages of the phone book, local newspaper ads, and radio are all good methods. Business cards and flyers are highly recommended.

When parents are seeking child care through the Resource & Referral Program (hyperlink to find child care page), we may provide them your Family Child Care Program information. However, once we give them this information it is up to the parent to make the initial contact with you. Although we will update our Provider Database regularly, it is up to you to keep us up-to-date on available openings or any changes to your Program.

Professional Associations

Santa Barbara Family Child Care Association (SBFCCA)

Funded by the California Department of Social Services Child Care and Development Division and through local grants.
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