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Financial Assistance for Child Care

Financial Assistance with Child Care
CRR supports qualifying families with subsidy vouchers by paying Child Care Providers of the family’s choice on behalf of the family. Families are eligible based on income, family size, and government assistance.
If you have received CalWORKs Cash Aid, Medical, CalFresh, California Food Assistance Program, WIC, The Federal Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, Headstart or Early Headstart in the past 24 months you may eligible for FREE or REDUCE cost Child Care!
Are you looking for child care provider, but don’t know who to call?

Do you need help paying for child care?

You choose your child care provider and WE PAY them for you!
Find the application below and email it to
The Alternative Payment Program (APP), funded by Department of Social Services, offers financial assistance for parents needing child care. The APP helps families arrange child care services and makes payments for those services directly to the child care provider selected by the family. The APP is intended to increase parental choice and accommodate the individual needs of the family. Recipients of this program are based on income and need.

Need and Eligibility Requirements:
Need verification is a requirement for participation in any of the subsidy programs which means that the family is income-eligible and has a documented, independent verifiable need of Child Care services. If there is a verified need, staff will assist parents in determining their eligibility status and the appropriate placement for their children in any of the following programs. The parent(s) shall document total countable income for all the individuals counted in the family size.

Need may be any of the following:
Employment that precludes the supervision of children.
Seeking employment.
Vocational training leading directly to a recognized trade, para-profession, or profession.
Homeless and seeking housing.
Incapacitated as verified by a legally qualified professional.
Child Welfare Services verified by a legally qualified professional.
Alternative Payment Programs

How Subsidized Child Care Works

  • A family applies to CRR for a subsidized child care payment program.
  • If the family qualifies, they complete the enrollment process.
  • The family chooses a child care provider.
  • CRR reimburses the provider on behalf of the family.


    - Funded by the State of CA
    - Reimburses the child care costs
    - A “need” must be identified such as; work, school, job seeking or another approved activity identified in the California Education Code.

    Application Forms

    CalWORKs: STAGE 2 & STAGE 3

    - APP Stage 2 eligibility: families who receive benefits from the following governmental programs: CalWorks, Medi-Cal, CalFresh, California Food Assistance, California Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC), Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation, Head Start or Early Head Start.
    - Stages 2 and 3 are administered by Alternative Payment Program (APP) agencies under contract with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). The stages are intended to provide a smooth transition for families from short-term Child Care to stable long-term care needed for families to become self-sufficient.

    Application Forms

    Download APP flyer

    Funded by the California Department of Social Services Child Care and Development Division and through local grants.
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