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Accreditation Facilitation

Accreditation Facilitation Project

Accreditation is an important credential demonstrating an organization's commitment to excellence and continuous improvement. As a status, accreditation signifies that a program or institution has successfully met a set of quality standards established by a recognized accrediting body. This achievement is significant because it assures that the accredited program has passed rigorous external evaluation and meets benchmarks for quality in areas like curriculum, faculty, student services, and resources.

The accreditation status represents many months or years of intense self-study and peer review. Earning accreditation is not simply a box for programs to check; it is a process of critical self-reflection and evaluation to identify strengths and opportunities for growth. This process involves a comprehensive self-study, during which the program collects data, assesses itself against the designated standards, and identifies steps to enhance compliance and quality. The accrediting body then thoroughly examines activities like site visits before deciding to grant accreditation.

However, the journey doesn't end once accreditation is achieved. Maintaining accredited status is an ongoing commitment that requires continuous self-assessment, planning, and improvement. Periodic reporting is necessary to demonstrate the program's continued compliance with standards.

Reneal of accreditation happens on a regular cycle and involves undergoing the rigorous self-study and review process again. Therefore, accreditation represents both an earned status and an ongoing process of self-reflection and external accountability in pursuit of continuous enhancement. It is a commitment to providing students, employers, and the public with quality education and training that meets widely accepted standards of excellence.

Santa Barbara County:

40% of Quality Counts FCC’s
are Nationally Accredited!


Santa Barbara County has
24% of the entire State!

Accreditation Facilitation


Creating and Maintaining a High-Quality Environment
Tools to Screen and Identify Developmental Delays
Implementing Quality Activities that are Developmentally Appropriate
Tools to Improve Parent Engagement and Understanding of Quality


Improved Parent Relations and Satisfaction
Efficient & Effective Transitions in the Program
Increased Provider Satisfaction and Retention
Children are Kindergarten Ready
Funded by the California Department of Social Services Child Care and Development Division and through local grants.
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